Let's help the children of Ecuador

Audrey Pichmimi

Publicity Chair

Name: Audrey Pichy

Major: International Business

What are your career goals?

I would like to work for a European corporation as an International Representative. This would enable me to travel which is my passion, but also to discover and deal with different cultures and mindsets.

Why did you join Business Breaks?

I joined Business Break because I wanted to dedicate my time to something meaningful and AB is the perfect opportunity for that. I love the fact that a group of students would decide to go and provide help to a community in a far away country, changing the lives of amazing people that may not have the same opportunities in life.

What are you hoping to get out of this experience?

I want to experience a transition into becoming a conscious citizen because what we will learn in our meetings and what we will experience in our trip is what we are going to later apply in our community service project and I expect it to stay with me for years to come.

Why should people donate to Business Breaks?

Because it is a great cause! We are going to provide help to a community in Quito, Ecuador but prior to our trip we are going to help with the social issues associated with the children that are disadvantaged. If people to realize that in some parts of the world, people’s way of life and circumstances can influence their future in different ways and that we can help change these circumstances and make a positive change into their lives, then they will feel good donating to Business Breaks.


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