Let's help the children of Ecuador

Jason Ford

Co-Site Leader

Name: Jason Ford


Major: Marketing and Finance 

What are your career goals?: I wish to work for an entrepreneurially-oriented technology company to develop marketing strategies for the company’s products or the firm itself. I wish to move up the corporate ladder to eventual executive position, with the ultimate goal of one day being CEO.

Why did you join Business Breaks?: I was asked to lead a team of 12 students on a 5 month journey to raising money to volunteer at daycare center called Villa Ticca in Ecuador near the capital of Quito. I felt instantly that it would be an amazing cause and I knew it’d be a wonderful experience with an incredible reward in the end. We would have the chance to make an impact in the world and share our experience with others globally who wish to have the same impact. 

What are you hoping to get out of this experience?: I hope that by the end of this I can better appreciate the role that global volunteers play in the international community. We are all connected, and we need to reach out to those of us, whether our neighbors down the street or or a village across the country, to share our time, our energy, and our experiences with those who need it most.

Why should people donate to Business Breaks?: alternative Business Breaks is providing people everywhere an opportunity to take the change in their pockets to be part of a life-changing experience for not just the children of Ecuador, but for the 12 students who will have an impact in their lives. We hope to use the money given from around the world to take people on a journey through our story, the story of 12 students struggling to leave their mark on the world.


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