Let's help the children of Ecuador

Odette Novoa

Sponsorship Chair

Major: International Business
What are your career goals?
My career goal is to finish my Bachelor's Degree in International Business and to get 
a Masters Degree. I would love to work in a  multinational company that allows me to 
travel the entire world doing  what I love the most, help people and children in need.

Why did you join Business Breaks?
I joined Business Breaks because I've always loved to do service learning/community 
service and give back to the community as much as I can. I've been doing it since I 
moved to Miami at the age of 15 and I still love to do it. This is going to be a great 
opportunity to help children in Ecuador, and there's nothing better than the 
satisfaction of help children in need.
What are you hoping to get out of this experience?
I expect to have a new an amazing experience helping the people that  need it the most. 
I really hope to get to know Ecuador's culture  and people, and truly understand their social and economical problems.
Why should people donate to Business Breaks?
People should donate to Business Breaks because step by step we can make  this world a better world. The first step is 
to help the future of our  world, the children, without them there's no future for the world we  live in. Our responsibility 
as citizens of the world is to help the  children in need, to donate!



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