Let's help the children of Ecuador

Orga Cadet

Sponsorship Chair

Major: Finance
What are your career goals?
To become the best criminal defense attorney I can be. Meanwhile, I'll volunteer 
my services by representing clients on public interest cases and becoming involved 
in U.S. public policy creation/implementation.

Why did you join Business Breaks?
I realized that in my search for a degree and a stable career, I need to  
focus on the true value of an education and a job- to help others. If I can 
instill an altruistic value in my life now, it'll create a snowball effect 
in which philanthropy becomes more important for myself, my family, 
my friends, and the strangers that I've helped. 

What are you hoping to get out of this experience?
I hope to be involved in the broadening of the scope of opportunities for disadvantaged children, to witness 
a real effect on the lives of  future generations, and to transform into a person with the virtues I'd like 
to see in the rest of the world. 

Why should people donate to Business Breaks?
Donating to Business Breaks is a way to inspire a change in the world by advancing the principles you stand 
for and promoting the ideals you  think can make this world a better place to live.